Friday Khutba

This page shows the most recent Khutbas from Jumma held at the Senior Citizens' Hall.
Please  note: Mt Albert Islamic Centre is not responsible for the content of this Khutba. The imam delivering the Khutba takes responsibility for its content.


Please find below khutbas from Br. Hassan.

Abu Bakr (Ral.).doc44 KB
Meelad-un Nabi 1432.docx27.11 KB
'Umar (R.A.).txt15.45 KB
In search of Unity.docx18.07 KB
Day of Judgment - 11.4.2001.docx21.58 KB
Sermon on Dua'a.docx22.57 KB
Sermon on 22.04.2011.docx25.17 KB
Az-Zubair bin Al-Awwam.doc46.5 KB
Bayan on Rajab delivered on 9.6.2011.doc36.5 KB