Meat Kanji

Meat Kanji

Introduction: Mouth watering and delicious Sri Lankan style meat Kanji is easy to make. You can make this in a rice cooker and hence no blender is required. It serves 10 dishes.


1.       1 Cup Rice (Basmati rice preferred)

2.       1 Table spoon salt

3.       1 Table spoon curry powder. This spice is medium hot. (for mild, take only 1 Tea Spoon)

4.       4 Table spoon coriander powder

5.       1 Tea spoon pepper. This spice is medium hot. (For mild, take half a tea spoon)

6.       1 Curry leaves

7.       2 cubes (table Spoon) of Halal chicken stock

8.       1 Table spoon Garlic Paste

9.       1 Table spoon Ginger Paste

10.   1 Tea spoon cumin powder

11.   200 gms Halal mince (mutton, beef r chicken mince or corned mutton or beef or thinly cut pieces of meat)

12.   200 gms onion

13.   2 Table spoon cooking oil

14.   9 cups water

15.   1 Cup milk (Fresh dairy or coconut milk)


Add items 1 to 10  in the rice cooker or pot. Add 4 cups of water and switch on the rice cooker or turn the stove on.

Mix mince (item 11) in one cup of water thoroughly. Add it to the rice in the rice pot.

Fry the onion (item 12) in oil (item 13) until it turns brown and add it to the rice.

Keep stirring regularly so that the bottom of the pot doesn’t get burned.

Once the rice is cooked thoroughly, add the remaining 4 cups of water to the pot and allow the contents to boil.

Keep stirring as it boils and breaks down the rice.

Add milk, stir it and switch off the cooker.

The Kanji is now ready to serve. Enjoy your meal.

Nazleem Muhammed Ali

Tuesday, 23 August 2011